Friday, March 03, 2006

Cure of Leprous and Sacrament of the Patients" If you want it, you can purify me !" shout this man with the feet of Jesus. To purify me : this word says all the desire of this man and the evil of which it is reached. This evil, it does not name it, parce qu’it is seen, and that, S’it named it, it would redouble it while making it public. But he says his desire D’delivered being of what does of him one excluded in the Jewish company. He is sick and he is impure.Jesus included/understood : " I want it, would be purified ! "and most astonishing this N’is not the immediate cure. C’is the inversion of the roles : C’is Jesus from now on, who became impure puisqu’it touched this leprous. And L’one thus sees from the very start of L’Gospel of Marc that Jesus does not fear to take on him all that reaches us in our humanity, body and heart.C’is L’invitation that made God, as a Jesus, about the evil and of the diseases. A human being forms a whole. Which error to compartmentalize it by being unaware of all these prohibitions which multiply unceasingly between L’heart and the body. ! And especially what a inhumanity lorsqu’one reduces a person to the evil of which it suffers, whatever the evil, as if the evil abolished the personality, the desires of Cœur, the capacity D’to like and D’loved being !I think of the mother D’one of my friends. She had a light cerebral accident. She speaks more slowly, she goes with precaution, but its spirit remains alive and very present at the others. Unfortunately his/her daughter, who is a maternal assistant, N’did not include/understand. She treats her mother like a child. And his/her mother does not support that. She wants to live with her limits, but she wants to live.The sacrament of the patients is D’access with the service of this desire of living. It N’does not announce death. Quite to the contrary, and it communicates the force of Christ to face the evil and with the disease, when they are there.It is necessary to be much further remembering than our friend Jean Pierre BELY told lorsqu’it was cured in Lourdes of his multiple sclerosis, after having received the sacrament of the patients. It insisted much on the decisive role of this sacrament. : before D’being given upright in its body, before the following night, it S’was felt internally cured memory of the evil and sin which made it suffer. The words of the sacrament of the patients had been for him legal tender : " By this holy oiling that the Lord, in his great kindness, expresses us by the way of L’the Holy Spirit. Thus, us having released of very sinned, qu’it saves us and qu’it raises us."It then included/understood qu’it N’was a more prisoner of the evil, and qu’it was going to become pilot safety of God for him.I N’would not dare to say that the sacrament of the patients always produces such a cure. And yet it is always an act of Christ for us, it has his source in the mystery Pascal, it S’accepts in us like a small resurrection, even if effects N’are not sensitive and visible.In any case, I thank you, you them people who wished to receive aujourd’today this sacrament. Thank you for this real act for faith and D’hope ! Thank you to your families and to your entourage not y to have made obstacle under pretext that this sacrament would be L’announces death.C’is L’opposite which is true. This sacrament is the sign that nothing N’prevents the life God from coming S’to register in your humanity, and L’to impregnate like L’oils sacrament. And C’is why, by receiving this sacrament you, the patients, you become for all of the signs and the witnesses of L’glare of God who passes by these gestures of hello.We need to understand that L’evangelization S’achieves as follows : as in L’Gospel, it is the meeting of Christ living with men and women on standby of hello, men and women who soufrent, which fights and needs D’being recognized, respected, supported in all that makes their dignity.What a disaster when one reduces people to what returns them formerly infréquentables like leprous’D ! Which inhumanity when one cannot see any more in a human being only his appearance or his reputationL’action of the sacraments, of this sacrament of the patients touches with this qu’there is in us of deeper, where the sufferings of the body and L’heart S’intermingle, where we need D’being completely looked by God !With you the patients, I ask you to request so that all, we let ourselves reach by L’love of Christ to deepest of our folds. And you all, brothers and Sœurs, let us beg L’Holy Ghost to render comprehensible to us that our church is committed with the manner of Jesus, by perceiving all that wounds our humanity, and by communicating this joy to him in life, this force of resurrection which comes from Him the Saver !