Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I had already noticed it at the time of the preparation of a dinner for friends, 1 dinner with 4. A dinner between people who know each other well and who invite themselves for any reason, a dinner between friends, a dinner to give pleasure. A dinner or I had make a fish fondue.

This receipt was to give me by my beautiful mother, it is another history which will be told later with a pleasure not dissimulated.

I had also noticed it at the time of the monthly purchase of necessary of the case for need for my she-cat. I had also noticed it a morning by making my races of Christmas.

The guys who are used the fish D store INNO for Montparnasse are hyper beautiful. Why? Make they a Casting to like to the housewife crested of 14th? They look at, They serve them and let their fingers be posed on these dead fish.

And PD empty their porte-monnaies.


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